wOBD 1.5

Windows software for ELM 32x based OBD2 converters
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wOBD - simple yet comprehensive, accurate and reliable Windows software for ELM 32x based OBD2 converters.

Main features:

--- Diagnostics
- View results of continuous/non-continuous tests
- Read and reset trouble codes/dash indicator Check Engine (MIL) lamp
- Flexible Diagnostic Trouble Code system, import, customize, and export trouble codes

--- Flexible data logging
- Poll Designer - Arrange, add, delete codes to your specifications. Ability to configure relative polling frequency, (poll some codes more frequently than others) save or print configuration.
- Poll OBD2 - View min, max, and current values, configurable screen refresh, option to print results.
- Export data in table form for graphing/spreadsheet apps

--- Advanced User tools
- wOBD Explorer - For investigating vehicle OBD2 features, this screen allows freeform entry of commands, conversion to decimal or octal, save or print your results.
- wOBD Scanner - For quickly looking through ranges of modes/pids, discovering specific model data, or looking through alternate processors. Save or print your results.

wOBD provides reliable diagnostics, flexible data logging and advanced tools for ELM 32x based OBD2 converters.

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